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Seniors | What to Wear


seniors what to wear frisco photographer

Let your photos reflect your unique sense of style! Choose clothes that you love and feel the most comfortable wearing. If you are in need of more visuals & inspiration, I’ve created a ‘WTW’ over on Pinterest.


  • ACCESSORIZE!!! Think hats, jewels, belts and bright bold colors always look awesome in photos.

  • LAYER: Layering is an easy way to create a variety of looks during your session. Scarves, vests, jackets & cardigans make perfect layering pieces.

  • COLOR: Bright bold colors are sure to make your photos ‘pop’. If there is a particular color that looks amazing on you…bring it!

  • CLOTHING OPTIONS: Select outfits ranging from casual to dressy, jeans to prom dresses.

  • SHOES: Heels & platforms are great, as they elongate your legs. Bring options for each outfit.

  • HAIR & MAKEUP: If you are getting the ‘Supermodel’ session, youre in great hands, you’ll be flawless! If you are doing your own, I would suggest a little curl to the ends, be sure to bring hair spray to your shoot and really accentuate your eyes (without going overboard).

  • PROPS: Anything that represents you, now i.e. Musical Instrument, volleyball, ballet shoes, uniform, books ect.


  • COLOR PRINTS: Think stripes, solids, gingham (stay away from anything with a big logo on it)

  • ACCESSORIES: Bring your favorite hat, sweatshirt, jacket.

  • CLOTHING: Jeans and 3-4 shirt options.

  • PROPS: Bring anything that represents you now, i.e. Musical instrument, bike, skateboard, football, baseball ect.


**Let me know if there are any props that you’d like to use !

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