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Just for fun, I’ve put together a little FAQ for ya!

These tend to be what I am asked the most.

What is your sitting fee & what do your packages start at?

My sitting fee is $99 and packages start @ $375

What should I/we wear to the shoot?

I want you to be comfortable, if you’re wearing something that isn’t ‘you’, it’ll come across in the photos. So I would say be you. For you ladies, remember to accessorize! I find that layers look awesome in photos (even in the summer) it adds dimension to your photos.¬†Feel free to bring a couple outfits if you want.

As a family, I would say bright, bold colors that pop. I encourage color. Heck! If you need me to, I’ll come over and we’ll rummage through your closet to pick what you should wear.

Where do you recommend we do the shoot?

Anywhere you desire, if you’re not sure…not to worry! I’ve got lots of great spots.

Do you provide Hair/Makeup?

No, I do not, BUT! I do work with an amazing artist that does both hair and MU for most of my shoots. For Seniors…having the stylist is AWESOME, I recommend it! 99% of my seniors opt for their hair & MU to be professionally done.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I’m a Canon girl all the way! I shoot with a Mark 5D iii and use various lenses.

When can I see the photos from my shoot? (#1 Question asked)!!!

I will tease you with a ‘Sneak Peek’ within 24 hours of your shoot! You will see ALL of the best photos from your session at your ordering session!!

How long does it take to get my order?

Once you purchase your order, I will have it to you within a week and a half.

When will you post my full session?

I post your full session after you have placed and paid for your package. Not to mention upload more to Facebook!

Do you have product I can see in person?

Yes! I have lots of goodies, all of which you will see at at your ordering session.

What if I want to order more images at a later date? How long do you keep the images?

You can most certainly do that. I keep all files on my computer for 6 months, for Seniors I keep them till the end of that school year. If I have removed the files from my computer and you still want them, there is a $125 fee to move them back onto my computer.



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